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Aug, 2020

Return to Play Guidelines

Connecticut Junior Soccer Association is dedicated to protecting the health of all people in and outside of our community. In an effort to assist our players, coaches and parents with their efforts to return to play after the recent suspension of activities, due to COVID-19, Connecticut Junior Soccer Association has put together the following guidelines for our affiliate members to use. Given the nature of this pandemic, this framework may change at any time based on the most recent CDC and or Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) guidelines.

COVID Participant Waiver PDF 

Pay special attention to pages 5-8, CJSA lay out the expectations of the club, coaches, parents and players. These measures are Covid-19 specific, so the following are just a few additional reminders or club-specific additions to their policy:

CJSA Return to Play Guidelines


  • Do not wear jewelry to practices or games.
  • Pinnies, shin guards and cleats are all necessary. If players do not have them during practice, they will not be able to participate in some or all aspects of practice and games.
  • Gray jerseys for home, red for away. Please make sure to bring both for each game.

Expectation for Parents

  • If you must speak with a coach, please try to do so over text or email. 
  • If there is no trash can at the field, please notify coaches so we can request it from the town.
  • Remember that all spectators are required to show respect to players, referees, coaches, and other parents.  Please do not put coaches or referees in the uncomfortable position of having to ask someone to leave the field.  In the event that this happens, the game may be stopped and/or cancelled at the discretion of the referees.
  • If you are at any time uncomfortable about safety measures or precautions, please make sure to express it to the coaches.

Expectation for Coaches

  • When players arrive to the field for practices and games, I (or another coach) will be at the top with hand sanitizer and a thermometer.  We will be taking attendance and temperatures before every practice and every game, in addition to our safety checks of shin guards, cleats, pinnies, and no jewelry.  There will be a log of this, in the event that someone does get sick and we need to participate in any contact tracing with Chesprocott or the CDC.  Any player with a temperature over 100.4 will be sent home and cannot return to play until receiving a doctor’s note. 
  • At the end of each practice, we will also hand sanitize again before sending players home.

Coaches and players (assisted by parents/guardians) must self-assess their condition and attest when arriving at the location that they are not experiencing these symptoms. A self-assessment tool is attached which you can provide for players and coaches to assess their symptoms
Self Assessment Tool

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